MYSTERY 10/07/19

There is a purpose in life connected in our being. This state of being is locked up in our circumstances of the material that sustains our existence. But trying to maintain the means of material existence is a struggle. And when we are struggling, we use up a lot of energy so when the struggle is overwhelming and we run out of energy, we become vulnerable, irritated and easily swamped.

The hardest to let go is anger and shame of the circumstance that has left our selves disposed to the world. This is wrapped up in a self conscious feeling of hurt.

Having no energy left; we are completely submerged and depended on the mercy of the elements.

Free for a moment, a cool breeze surrounds a motionless body with a feeling of calm. Everything seems light as the body floats; no feelings, no emotions. A moment in eternity is waken by a warm sensation gradually developed on the skin of the forehead from the sun; the senses began to wake.

And all of a sudden Joe wakes up and tries to recollect his memory of what has taken place. Then it all came back and he would begin to feel that heavy submerging feeling again.

This is where preachers love to fill your senses with their babbles of giving over your burden to God and he will lighten your load. No, God doesn't save or rescue you from your troubles. If you believe then you have to be practical about pure principles of belief. If you did, you wouldn't find yourself submerging.

That is why the mystery witnessed a special occasion of liberation of being; the mystery of freedom.

In this testing state of existence, both the social and physical environments inflict upon health and wellbeing; exacerbated by the impact of an economic dichotomy. The worse is yet to come.

Seasonal consequences follow; first, the extreme physical environment results with the loss of property and displacement of people from their homes during winter, second; the health risks imposed by heat waves during summer. The recent shortage of flu vaccine suggests we are not prepared for a double hit.

Now add the above to the super structural consequences of an economic dichotomy producing booms for the rich and at the same time imposing busts for the poor. Again, I don't think we need a vaccine for the internal impact, rather a social therapeutic policy.

So we say keeping one's head above water is trying to organise ones circumstances from limited resources in order to stay afloat, but when all your hands are full from all directions and you are depleted of energy, you are likely to submerge.

We have had relative experience of structural consequences through the reign of the National Party to prepare us for the worse to come.

Also, those who have survived drifting across the water had given us clues on how to survive. However, very few have given us any ideas on how to survive when you are caught in trajectories of environmental and super structural waves. That is having both hands full and without energy.

It's like trying to say don't fight it.

In a state of hopelessness, could you be thinking about alternatives? Well, the usual way may be creative about survival, but adds to statistics of violence and crime. But social, physical and super structural conditions stratify the rich from the poor. And we have already known that the poor whether you are Maori or Pasifika makes up the population of violence, crime and in turn prison.

Let's be brutally honest in here. You will submerge trying to save your belongings. In other words, you will lose your life trying to save your material belongings if you don't know any better. Simply, you have to know your 'self' from your real person of being.

The issues of violence is currently seen from a gender and political perspective. The issue of crime is seen from an ethnic and political perspective. What could happen if both perspectives are dropped and the real issue is freed from association? Who knows we might be able to trace the true source of the problem.

On a journey to a distant place, sitting at the back of the truck was Joe. He was tired and asleep as the journey made inroads to the country. Some distance later, Joe woke up on the road to find he was the only survivor of an accident. From where he was sitting, it took a miracle for him to survive.

Waking from submergence, Joe recollected his memory from what has taken place; somehow he remembered he was passionate and emotional about his personal struggle.

He smiled as he selected objective elements to develop and discarded the subjective from his memory. He chose a new path for his life away from the material burden he used to carry and struggled against. It nearly killed him.

There are many incidents and near misses in his life that he is confident that there is a God. He is saved from incidents where he is dependent on the mercy of the elements. That is he has no more usage of his feelings and senses to struggle for selfish ambitious desires.

The mystery is real; God is real, but his material circumstances haven't allowed him to unwrap and free his state of being. It is locked in that self conscious awareness of the self and material.