What's driving a political ambition to upset the conscious collective takes personal conviction and for lack of a better word, madness. The violation of what's decent has always been the bold appeal to the fanatic follower on the extreme right of the political spectrum.

There is an implicit expense not very well concealed in the public eye. But as proven by this site, the controversial reality is disguised by the psycho force or perspective. We are somewhat engaged on the psycho force to prepare for social outcomes.

Give it time and the chicken shall come home to roost. Most people come to realise at some stage disappear into the unknown as they can't live with themselves. But for a heightened entity, it is living on edge.

However, the appeal perceives a psycho condition; sentiments are heightened to animal instincts. It transforms followers to zombie militants as their alpha man a super god. Under the spell of the condition, some follower have aspired to carry out extreme violence. It is a terrorist design to instil fear in the consciousness.

We have already experienced incidents where these dark force attacks took place in public more to let us be consciously aware and be very afraid. And thus this psycho shift is driven by fear and maintained by publicised threats of invasion and war.

And this psycho shift phenomenon is gradually increasing to the rate of diversity. The ethnocentric drive is anti diversity and more specifically, racist.

The awakening of the right wing onslaught led by Donald Trump has inspired Brexit and Aussie Scott among others. Their Western tribal tradition heightens the condition of engagement on a quid pro quote agreement along the axis of the willing.

The strive to dictate the terms of the global economy or power is social relations of trade. And the Western alliance sets a forceful world order structured on destabilising established contracts and collective agreements on urgent goals of Climate Change, Poverty, Diversity and Equality.

The current establishment is a peaceful organisation of the global economy where minorities among women and children see daylight for the first time for democratic participation. But their dreams are now put on hold as we encounter a rude rearrangement of the global economy on a psycho shift.

Trump and his followers have ruined the global economy.

We are now experiencing trajectories of the psycho shift economy. Established trades are destabilised by raising tariffs against China and others outside the Western axis as the dollar rate is kept to a record hold.

You see, it is simply rejecting external trades and value while at the same time fostering Western values. Ok, BNZ is owned by Australia. By keeping the dollar value at the lowest ebb, interest rates may be set at 1 percent, but the cost of trading and services is 3 percent. And guess what, all that production and profit are shifted to Australia.

The changing values hopes to make Western goods and services more attractive to local purchase but the profit is shifted overseas. It doesn't make the Western dollar any cheaper, but if you are afraid of the consequences, you have no choice but be very afraid and deal with the West.

Well, it is not exactly the West as we know it, but a once political tradition known as Conservative. Even so, Conservative was known to stand for Life and everything to promote and prolong life as opposed to the dangers of development. Well, if was always the life of the Englishman.

Now, conservative ideal has found a standing phase in reawakening tribal roots to highlight genetic inheritance of say male Anglo-Saxon character.

And so when you have male individuals who are a little bit mad and bold, they are likely to place themselves over and above the majority of diverse organisation. And there is no such thing as equality. They have put the world on a fearful condition of trade just to show you how brave and proud they are.

And that is a statement of fact as for a very long time they have placed their businesses over and above climate change in the face of majority opposition. You see, you have to be a little bit mad to save your business but condemn the land upon which is built upon. This reminds me of the male on Darwin's evolutionary tree who sawed off the branch he was sitting on.

Now that was really funny because evolution really tells that man was not originated from a tree. Duh!

I can with confidence that the brilliance of the upcoming generations hasn't got what it takes to be macho and a little bit mad placing oneself over and above peaceful organisation of the global economy.

l can tell that the stability of trades upon like and shared social issues is more enduring than the psycho shift of the conditional economy.

I believe the little bit mad trend is the end of the dinosaur creatures who are still thinking in ethnocentric times in the cave.

What could happen when the ruler passes is a relief of the subordinates. In here I am not referring to the end of the English male, but rather the end of an ideal that is forgotten in the modern.

Do you notice the similarity between Donal Trump and Boris Johnson? They are bold and a little bid odd. Can you trust your nerves to endure a psycho social organisation of your life? You'd probably die of nervousness.